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Some hair ‘beauty’ treatments cause hair damage!

Everyone enjoys change – a new look, a different style and the many creative ways that our hair empowers us to transform our appearance – sometimes instantly. It’s amazing. The challenge is that some hair ‘beauty’ treatments cause hair damage. Relaxers, perms, texturing, softening and chemicals, all take their toll. Wig’s, braids, weaves, extensions – in all their incredible variety, tend not to cause the same damage, but we must remember not to neglect our naturally beautiful hair!

Our surveys show that people literally forget about their hair. They overlook their roots and scalp, because often it is ‘tucked away’, out-of-sight and forgotten about.

MUST GROW (a gentle pomade) can promote a healthy scalp and strong hair growth – whether your hair is tucked away or not.

With Locs and their maintenance , longevity is what people want to achieve. We are continually researching and investing to ensure our products are packed with the most effective natural ingredients. We study with both nature and hair scientists to ensure our products are the best they can be.