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Born in 1926 in St Catherine Jamaica, his vision was clear, focused and determined to study and make a difference in the black community. A devout Christian he attended church each week and took part in the events surrounding that community – supporting and financially contributing. He studied Business and Commerce at Bennetts College (Kingston, Jamaica) and worked for some time as a Sales Representative with a local Manufacturing Company.

Malcus Grandston - founder Must Grow Afro Hair care products

Malcus Grandston
1926 – 1987


In the early 60’s he travelled to England by Ship. It took six months to reach his destination but it was worth it. He had one vision in mind and with the support of his Wife and the church community, he accomplished his goals. Once arriving in the UK, Malcus worked in various industries and attended college, where he studied chemistry, shorthand and accounting. He researched black-hair, and soaked up the information provided by users – understanding what they wanted to achieve.

He returned to Jamaica in 1970 and upon his return in 1971, he launched MUST GROW. The product proved to be successful and popular. He featured in the 1984 edition of The Jamaican Weekly Gleaner – now the Voice Newspaper and took part in radio interviews.

“I would like to see more black people and in particular young people in business – setting up Industries in the West Indies and Africa.”

– Malcus Grandston

Malcus’ vision of setting up more industries in the black community is now a reality – and it’s great to see his vision is now a reality!